2019-2020 Magnolia School

6th and 7th Grade Science

Mrs. Colleen Block

3rd Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Libby Clancy

6th Grade Homeroom

6th Grade Religion

2nd-7th Grade Art

Ms. Sarah Cosgray

2nd Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Lauren Cropper

5th Grade Homeroom

5th-7th Grade History

4th-7th Grade P.E.

Ms. Amanda Leger

5th-7th Grade Math

5th Grade Science

Mrs. Tabitha Madrid

6th Grade Religion

Mrs. Gemma Scarpino

2nd-7th Grade Music & Theatre

Mrs. Julie Sykes

4th Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Jennifer Thompson

5th Grade Religion

Mrs. Christine West

7th Grade Homeroom

5th-7th Language Arts

Ms. Maki Yordan

Head of School

7th Grade Religion

Mrs. Annamarie Omanga

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Veronica Corella-Barud

Dean of Academics

5th-7th Grade Latin

Mrs. Margaret Cronin


2nd and 3rd Grade P.E.

Ms. Mary Frelk

Business Manager

Mrs. Melanie Hebert

Office Manager/Front Desk

Mrs. Helena Mestre


Mrs. Laura Parra

Admissions & Marketing

Mrs. Claire Pelletier





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